Hornby Island Energy Bars: Healthy & Local

I am always on the lookout for a good energy bar that I can snack on during a longer run which won’t leave me wishing for a toilet to pop out of thin air. You know exactly what I mean. My stomach is frustratingly sensitive during prolonged activity which is why I am always cautious of the kind of fuel or bars I consume through this duration.

After hearing many positive reviews about the Hornby Island Energy bars, I decided to give them a go. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I tend to carry as minimal as possible when I’m out running around as I have yet to find a pack or a carrier that doesn’t leave me feeling uncomfortable half way through. These bars are the perfect size to slip into a smaller, short pocket. Not only that, they are easy to chew and they are packed with a nice amount of calories despite being only 85g portions. Not too heavy, nor too sweet.

I’m a big fan of unique flavours and these bars come in tahini, carob, and sesame. Tahini is my favourite and is made withsimple ingredients such as rolled oats, sesame tahini, cocoa, coconut, and dark chocolate. If you’re worried about trying this flavour, don’t be. The mild tahini flavour paired with a generous amount of chocolate is unreal. The Hornby Island Energy bars stood out to me as they contain a 4:1 carbohydrate/protein ratio which is ideal and the most effective way to replenish glycogen workout. In other words: great for muscle recovery. Not to mention, they are a family owned and operated company from Hornby Island – how cool is that?

Where did I pick these up? I tend to find mine at Donald’s Market, however they can be purchased on their website athttp://www.hornbyfoods.com and I believe they are carried at other health food stores such as Planet Organic, Nesters, etc. I have seen other products they carry such as their Energy Balls which I have yet to try but I have definitely added them to my list. If you are looking to devour something different, I recommend giving these a shot.